Busby Case Study

Busby approached us with the desire of educating cyclists on their cycling safety app. We were able to send them a variety of video concepts to hit their specific brief.
For this project we decided on the impactful video concept of “This app could save your life”.

Our mission was to create a video to educate cyclists on Busby the cycling safety app and to drive users to download Busby.

We were able to create a high quality informative video within Busby’s budget and time frame. They were over the moon with the results;

“The video The Best Marketing made for us is so so cool!
I haven’t stopped watching it, I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as that. It’s really informative but also makes (Busby) sound so simple to get hold of. (Which it is).”

James Duffy – Commercial Director and Co-Founder, Busby