Canyon Endurace:ON Case Study

With the release of Canyon’s first road E-bike we created a video to promote the bike
and put it through it’s paces.

The mission for this video was to promote Canyon’s first road e-bike with a bang. We knew we wanted to do something much more exciting than a standard review s we went away to do extensive SEO research and decided on the concept – How fit can you get riding an electric bike?

This concept worked on a number of levels.
First of all it was incredibly searchable, with a high search volume but not much competition. Secondly it was a more dynamic and interesting video – we were going to conduct an experiment, the results of which the target audience would be looking for.
Finally we added a new dynamic of comparing both an amateur cyclist and pro cyclist across the experiments to demonstrate how an e-bike effects both quicker and slower riders. The video itself has a lot of value to provide for both the target audience and also to those who may have been on the fence about the purchase of an electric bike.

“Working with Keira and her team has offered us the chance to create a huge variety of content. It’s been great to see such good results wether from a specific brief, or from a rough concept which they have taken and developed using their creative skills.”

Jack Noy – Marketing Manager, Canyon UK